Support for our software

We are always endeavored to improve our software and offer a professional support.
You can contact us in different ways:

Support by email

The easiest way to reach us is by sending an email to We're using an ticket system which allows us a fast and easyprocessing of your support request. Please leave the assigned ticket number in the email's subject line, or tell us the assigned ticket number when calling us.

Further Ways Of Contacting Us

Of course you can reach us also by telephone, via email or postal. You will get information about addresses and telephone numbers on our contact page.


Manuals for our products can be found in the Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterdownload area in the tab "manuals". Inform yourself online through the web help pages or download the manuals as a PDF file.

Support Live-Cycle

For the following software products we offer the following support guarantees:

vers. 1.9/1.9.1
vers. 2.0
vers. 2.0.1
vers. 2.0.2
vers. 2.0.3
vers. 2.0.4
vers. 2.0.5
vers. 2.1.0
vers. 3.0.0
vers. 3.0.1
vers. 3.0.2
vers. 3.0.3
vers. 3.0.6
vers. 3.1
vers. 3.1.1
vers. 3.1.2
vers. 3.2
until July 2014 (expired)
until August 2014 (expired)
until October 2014 (expired)
until November 2014 (expired)
until December 2014 (expired)
until January 2015 (expired)
until Februar 2015 (expired)
until Februar 2015 (expired)
until March 2015 (expired)
until June 2015 (expired)
until July 2015 (expired)
until July 2015 (expired)
until September 2015 (expired)
until December 2015
until June 2016
until July 2016
until September 2016
until further notice unlimited
DiagramWizard 3vers. 3.0until Ende 2007 (expired)
ExifExtractor Desktopvers. 3.6
vers. 3.7
vers. 4.0
until Mai 2014 (expired)
until September 2014 (expired)
until further notice unlimited
ExifExtractor Serververs. 1.3
vers. 1.4
vers. 1.5
vers. 1.6
vers. 1.7
vers. 1.8
vers. 2.0
vers. 2.1
until November 2011 (expired)
until March 2012 (expired)
until April 2013 (expired)
until April 2013 (expired)
until November 2013 (expired)
until October 2014 (expired)
until June 2015 (expired)
until June 2015 (expired)
dataIMAGING Serververs. 2.1.1
vers. 2.5
until September 2015 (expired)
until further notice unlimited
HTML ImageMapper 3vers. 3.3
vers. 3.5
until Mai 2008 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper 8vers. 8.3
vers. 8.4
vers. 8.5
HTML ImageMapper 9vers. 9.0
vers. 9.1
vers. 9.2
until July 2008 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper 10vers.10-AJAXuntil November 2008 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper NG2vers. NG-AJAXuntil August 2009 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper NG2vers. NG2-AJAXuntil August 2011 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper NG10vers. 13.0until October 2013 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper 13.1vers. 13.1until October 2014 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper 13.2vers. 13.2until November 2014 (expired)
HTML ImageMapper 13.3vers. 13.3until further notice unlimited
GPS PhotoMapper 1vers. 1.1expired
GPS PhotoMapper 2vers. 2.0until July 2008 (expired)
GPS PhotoMapper NGvers. NGuntil June 2009 (expired)
GPS PhotoMapper NG2vers. NG2until Mai 2012 (expired)
PhotoMapper Desktop 10vers. 5until October 2013 (expired)
PhotoMapper Desktop 10.1vers. 5.1
vers. 5.2
until June 2014 (expired)
until November 2014 (expired)
PhotoMapper Desktop 10.2vers. 5.3until Februar 2015 (expired)
PhotoMapper Desktop 10.2.1vers. 5.4until Februar 2015 (expired)
PhotoMapper Desktop 10.2.2vers. 5.4.2
vers. 5.5
until August 2015 (expired)
until further notice unlimited