Your Data - You Map It!

That is the motto of our new software product business atlas. With our new platform for geomarketing, geoanalysis and routing, we want to answer all questions that begin with the "Where ...?". Online - browser-based - without any software installation!

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Until the end of June 2020, all courses will take place exclusively online. From July 2020, our GIS courses will also take place at our locations near you.

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Efficient and secure like never before:

The new Ricoh G900 SE now supports, among other things, the encrypted transmission of your data via WiFi. In addition, the Opens external link in new windowIMAGING Importer enables fully automatic, preconfigured data transfer via USB cable for anyone for whom WiFi transmission is out of the question.


This means that photo documentation is not only quick and easy, but also more secure than ever before. The bundle of alta4 software and Ricoh camera opens up completely new possibilities for you.

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