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Voyager brings the simplicity of web style search to GIS by allowing you to instantly find map documents, datasets, web mapping services and other geospatial resources on your desktop or across the enterprise.

With a quick installation and setup, Voyager is able to locate and index any of the data and document types which Esri supports including: shapefiles, personal and file geodatabases, topologies, CAD drawings, NGA formats (VPF, RPF, DTED), GeoPDFs, imagery, map documents (.mxd), globes, layer files and many more. Voyager is also capable of supporting non-spatial documents such as pdf, word etc. Content can be stored on your local computer, across file servers as well as web and database servers including: ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, SDE and WMS services running internally within your organization or across the internet.

Once information is placed in Voyager’s state-of-the-art index it is available for text search, spatial queries, faceted browsing and exposes the relationships between maps, layers and datasets. Voyager can manage your spatial data infrastructure through auditing and maintenance tools. It allows you to share data with others in your organization or across the Internet. All of this is easily accessible through Voyager’s intuitive user interface.

For each geodata management requirement the best solution

Voyager offers a variety of products to meet the wide range of needs of individuals, groups and organizations. If you have questions about our products.


DesktopFree introductory version. Limited to 5000 documents. Only for single-user mode.
Desktop ProThe optimal solution for improving personal productivity of individual users and smaller verification systems. Limited to 1 million documents. Only for single-user mode.
ServerA multi-user system that is adapted to the needs of smaller user groups. Up to ten users can simultaneously access the application over a network. In opposite to the Desktop Edition the Server Edition offers no limit on the number of indexable documents and allows more requests per minute.
Server ProWith the Server Pro Edition you can use the full available functionality of Voyager. This solution is perfectly adapted to the needs of businesses, governments and institutions with large spatial data collections. The unlimited number of simultaneous users can be organized via a configurable rights management.

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Key Features Include

  • Build a spatial data portal in just a few clicks
  • Automatically catalog all of your data
  • Make your data available through clip-n-zip data download
  • Fits into existing workflows by not requiring metadata (improved when metadata exists)
  • Share data using open standards
  • Easily scales across your enterprise

          Excerpt from supported formats

          • Shapefiles (SHP)
          • Personal & File Geodatabases (MDB, GDB)
          • Topologies
          • CAD-Pläne (DWG, DGN, DXF)
          • GeoPDF and PDF
          • Rasterdata (TIF, IMG, VPF, RPF, DTED, ...)
          • Mapping documents (MXD)
          • ArcGlobes (3DD)
          • Layer files (LYR)
          • JPEG (spatial and geotagged photos)
          • GPS eXchange Format (GPX)
          • Microsoft Office (PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX)

          Use Voyager’s index to improve your spatial data infrastructure

            • Automatically create missing metadata
            • Find datasets with an unknown spatial references
            • Locate duplicate datasets
            • Determine which maps and data are most commonly used
            • Fix common problems using easy to author geoprocessing workflows

                    Product Comparison

                      Desktop Desktop Pro Server Server Pro
                    Concurrent users 1 1 5 unbegrenzt
                    Max. documents indexed 5.000 1 Million unbegrenzt unbegrenzt
                    Export search results ja ja ja ja
                    Create reports ja ja ja ja
                    Add to ArcMap/ArcGIS Online ja ja ja ja
                    Desktop geo-processing   ja ja ja
                    Browser accessible     ja ja
                    Default authentication     ja ja
                    Enterprise authentication     ja(**) ja
                    Serverside geo-processing     ja (**) ja
                    Custom logo and color schemes     ja (**) ja
                    Federated search     ja (**) ja
                    Database connector     ja (**) ja
                    Index sharing     ja (**) jap
                    Load-balanced, failover configuration     ja (**) ja (**)
                    Distributed data discovery     ja (**) ja (**)
                    API support     ja (**) ja (**)
                    Document management connector     ja (***) ja (***)
                    Data classification     ja (***) ja (***)
                    Geo-tagging     ja (***) ja (***)

                    (**) Extension to license

                    (***) Extension and professional services required

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                    New in Voyager 1.2

                    Redesigned Data Discovery

                    The most significant feature of the 1.2 release is a completely rewritten indexing framework. We've taken what we've learned and applied it so that you can quickly view and start using your data faster. The new framework features intelligent indexing modules that are tailored to various types of data. This allows us to use the best possible indexing tool for the task at hand. Additionally, it's very easy to add new formats via plug-in modules...

                    Supporting ArcGIS 10

                    Now use the comfort of the Voyager search engine within the latest version of ArcGIS. ArcGIS 10 is now fully supported.

                    Finer control over Data Discovery processes

                    As part of the indexing redesign we've added far greater control to how data is indexed. You now have finer-grained control over starting and stopping the indexing queue, how thumbnails are generated and many other configuration tasks.

                    New Formats

                    The following new formats are supported:

                    • KML
                    • MapInfo MIF
                    • Esri Geoprocessing toolbox, tools and python scripts
                    • Esri E00 (ArcInfo Interchange Format)
                    • RPF - over 50 new raster product format file types are now supported

                    Integration in ArcGIS Desktop

                    This release introduces a new ArcMap toolbar that allows you to search the voyager index using text and spatial queries as well as drag-and-drop search results from Voyager Desktop to ArcMap. ArcMap integration works on ArcGIS 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.1 and ArcGIS 10 .

                    Improved User Interface

                    New way to display links between items. This allows you to easily see which layers and data sources are used by a Map Document or Layer File.

                    The links also provide a clear way to view the data that is contained within a database or feature dataset.

                    Added 'check' style filtering to enable "OR" queries.